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Why is KoalaChat free for Beta Users?

KoalaChat is still a baby Koala and we are working really really hard to finish the product for you to use!
But! We do need your valuable feedback and input (and not to mention, love) to make KoalaChat a truly great service.
So, we offer a Lifetime Free Service to everyone who is willing to interview with us before we launch the Beta version of KoalaChat! You get to dictate what we should implement, plus get to keep KoalaChat for free for eternity, and we get to pick ideas from your brilliant brain! It’s a Win-Win!

Engage Website Visitors

KoalaChat’s smooth and engaging chat experience leaves your website visitors hang around your website for longer time. Koala makes it easy for you to automate chats, and thus provide relevant and contextual information to your customers even before they start chatting with you.

Maximize Your Sales

KoalaChat won’t let any sales opportunity slip through your hands. Chat with your website visitors in real time, help them make a decision and convert them into customers right away.

Grow Your Business

Reduce your cart abandonment and increase your conversion rates. When you answer your prospects doubts and concerns, they won’t leave without making a purchase.

Build Lasting Relationships

KoalaChat intelligently sees when your prospects encounter any troubles while finish a payment, making a product choice, or when they are a little indecisive. It notifies you at the right moment and you can then engage with them and solve their doubts.

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