KoalaChat Benefits

Our live chat benefits go to work for you! Here are the sweet benefits that our baby blue koala brings to the table, or website as the case may be…

Be available to your customers, always

(even when you’re sleeping).

Imagine waking up to find that your Koala closed a few deals for you? That’s the kind of income automation we’re talking about! Your customers no longer need to wait to get info and give you their money. KoalaChat helps you streamline efficiency for everyone!

Save time; we’ll do the work.

KoalaChat’s plug-and-play model instantly goes to work for you. We’ll handle the frequently asked questions about store hours, refunds, and pricing so you and your employees can focus on building your business. Our live chat army expands your employee bandwidth so you can achieve world domination! Okay, maybe that’s going too far...

Optimize your customer communication.

KoalaChat makes it personal by learning on-the-go and identifying keywords and phrases that address your customer’s unique challenges. Our entirely customizable chat bot helps you quickly discover how to best communicate with your audience and, as a result, boost your bottom line.

We customize the experience.

There’s none of that cookie cutter nonsense at KoalaChat. It’s your business and your brand.


KoalaChat delivers quick-view analytics that show you where you’re succeeding and where there are sales process growth opportunities. Data geeks (like us) can deep dive into sales conversion rates, customer conversations, keywords, times of day, plus lots more.

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