Frequesntly Asked Questions About Live Chat & Chatbots

We’re in the super early stages of building KoalaChat and while our developers are madly creating code late into the evening, our founder and marketing folks have been on calls with business owners to see how they might incorporate KoalaChat into their online business models.

We’ve had the awesome privilege of talking with furniture store owners, real estate agents, restaurateurs, woodworkers, office supply ecommerce site owners, and social media consultants -- a solidly diverse mix of people who’d love to see live chat bots working to engage their customers. (In case you’re wondering we found them through, Facebook group pages, and we even cold called a few others).

We made a list of our most frequently asked questions, gathered the team around the office (our friend’s living room) and jotted down these notes to share with you.

Q: Who can or should use KoalaChat?

A: KoalaChat is built for people who sell stuff online. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who sells digital or physical goods or services online, you should consider incorporating some kind of live chat onto your site. Obvie, we hope you choose KoalaChat.

Q: What’s a live chat bot?

A: A live chat bot is a piece of artificial intelligence that talks to you (or anyone) as a real human being would. It’s customizable, adaptable, and learns over time to keep improving its conversation skills.

Q: How do KoalaBots work?

A: KoalaBots chat with your website and social media visitors and answers their questions. When a visitor is browsing around your site or social networks, a KoalaBot will strike up a conversation with them and aim to answer their questions to help them make the right purchase.

If a KoalaBot doesn’t know the answer to a particular question, the conversation gets handed over to you. KoalaBots remember that answer for when someone asks a similar question next time around.

One of the many benefits here is that you get to focus on other work, or get a good night’s sleep to find that a KoalaBot has made a few sales for you! Or, at the very least, perhaps your KoalaBot answered some basic questions about your store hours, and saved you and your team some time. Either way, this is work automation at its finest.

Q: Are live chat windows customizable?

A: Absolutely. At KoalaChat our free version comes complete with our incredibly cute blue koala which of course we hope you embrace as your own. Of course, we get that your brand may not be blue nor have anything to do with Australian marsupials, so we enable our customers to customize their chat bot as they darn well please. You can easily match the existing colors of your website, plug in your own fonts, and add your company logo.

Q: Does live chat play nice with social networks and other sites beyond just my ecommerce website?

A: You bet! Thanks to some new kick ass API’s, Facebook’s SDK, and our awesomely smart development team, KoalaChat seamlessly integrates with all of your live chat networks, including Shopify, Slack, Zendesk and Front. Bonus: there are no extra fees involved with using KoalaChat across multiple channels.

Q: How can I monitor my chat bot’s conversations?

A: This is a good question from a business owner who wants to know what their customers are asking for and how that info is being relayed back to them. We manage this in a few ways:

1. Auto-generated analytics reporting: You’ll get a gorgeous (and easy to understand) visual report every day/every week/every quarter--you tell us--that points to these convos. Find out what worked and what needs improvement.

2. Search for specifics: Search for unique keywords, products, customers, demographics, and more using our advanced search tool. Understand your customers and your audience in ways never before possible. Discover better ways to communicate with them and learn how to be better prepared to close online sales fast.

Q: How do I set up a live chat bot on my website? It seems super complicated.

A: Yes, and it’s not. We generate your unique code and you copy and paste it. It’s much the same process for those folks who’ve installed Google Analytics onto their websites. Really, this is easy, and we’ll walk you through it if you have any trouble.

Q: Is this thing even safe? Will my company’s data be secure?

A: Yes. All data transfer is encrypted using SSL. We enforce the strictest organizational security policies and coding guidelines across KoalaChat. Third parties cannot get access to your data without your permission. Check out our privacy policy for more info or contact us for specific requirements.

Q: Why is KoalaChat free for Beta Subscribers?

A: KoalaChat is a baby koala, and our team is working really, really hard to launch soon and without any bugs. In order for us to discover how shop site owners will use KoalaChat, and to understand what they want, and how we can improve for the masses, we’re offering all early adopters a chance to use KoalaChat for free, forever. If you’re not on board, but want to be, sign on up!

Q: Will robots take over the world?

A: Okay. No one has really asked this question. We just want to talk about it.

We’re in the midst of an artificial intelligence revolution and we’re super excited about this because interactive live chat bots are at the fore of this game-changing technology. Live chat bots are reasonably easy to get our brains around, but the implication of what might happen in a world where artificial intelligence is completely permeates the world around us every day, all day, is the stuff that dreams (and conspiracy theories) are made of. There’s so much speculation and debate surrounding ideas ranging from ethics to security to the Terminator movie franchise that our heads are spinning!

At the end of the day, we’re in the business of live chat bots. Sure, this technology could eventually evolve into something greater, but for now our focus lies in developing live chat functionality that will help you grow your business. We’ll leave the larger philosophical questions it to the intellectuals and the scientists. Meantime, we’ll leave you with this fantastic TED Talk that we highly recommend...

Sam Harris Can we build AI without losing control over it?

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