Feat yourself with these features

Provide customer support, unify customer data and accept payments for your products across all popular messaging platforms, in just a few minutes

Human + Bot hybrid

Conversations can start with a bot and jump to a human (human in the loop) when it’s time. Powerful routing capabilities are built-in.

Learn from your customers

Start chatting with the people who visit your website. Gather quality feedback and valuable real-time insight into your customers.

Go beyond what text allows

With KoalaChat you will always be able to captivate your customers with the richest messaging capabilities. Customers can schedule appointments, see maps, and buy tickets in just one-click, on any platform.

See the full conversation threads

It’s easy to have the full context for customer interactions – no matter how many platforms it starts and stops on. Seamlessly let users jump from SMS to Messenger to Email. From your vantage point, it’s just one conversation.

Cross-channel Bots

Chatbots on KoalaChat instantly get access to all supported KoalaChat channels. Through one easy-to-use API we’re on top of channel integrations so you don’t have to be.

Plays nicely with all bot platforms

Build your chatbot on any platform (or clone the KoalaBot sample to get started quickly). All conversations will be routed and synced to the messaging channels and business systems you choose.

Smart notifications that engage

Notifications are instantly delivered on the channel that the user is most likely to be engaged and available to chat, ensuring you always get a reply. Conversations remain synced in real-time across all channels and devices.

Real-time messaging

Send messages, read/write user data, get instantly notified of new messages, or fetch any of the data for reporting purposes.

Powerful routing

Choose to route or forward messages your software receives to one or many of KoalaChat's connected apps.

Bots with a human touch

Bots can help you automate common workflows, but nothing beats the soft touch of a personal interaction. That’s why KoalaChat lets you bring humans in the loop when you decide it’s time.

Messaging is about more than text

Delight your customers with the most engaging conversational experience

Send customers beautiful, detailed messages

You can send action buttons, collect payments, send receipts and more. No technical skills required.

Let customers talk to you the way they want

Conversations naturally happen over time in different places. That’s why customers can start a live conversation on your website and finish it in the app of their choice, while you retain a full conversation history.

Privacy and security

All data transfer is encrypted using SSL. We enforce the strictest organizational security policies and coding guidelines across KoalaChat.

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