Why KoalaChat

Are visitors dropping off your website?

Visitors leave your website when you are not around to engage with them. Your visitors want to talk to you, so don’t rely on your website to hold a conversation. If there's no clear sign as to how to connect with you quickly, most visitors will choose to leave rather than look for answers to their questions. After all, there are plenty of other websites in the sea.

Are visitors vanishing even when you try to engage with them?

With most chat tools, you have no context or history. So, the best you can do is an uninspiring message that deserves to be ignored. Proactively starting a conversation and not being around to answer is even worse. With these chat tools, you are only collecting emails not hearts.

Enter KoalaChat

The intelligent live chat product that helps you find interested visitors on your website and convert them into customers.

KoalaChat tells you Whom to talk to

Know who’s on your website so you can focus on engaging with the right users.

KoalaChat tells you What to say

Gather context instantly, say all the right things and delight whomever you’re talking to.

KoalaChat tells you When to say it

Better your chances of a sale by getting the timing of your conversation right.

Free forever if you sign up during beta!

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